I’ve Always Had a Dream

Music: Shirley Yap
Lyrics: Leonard Sam

I’ve always had a dream
That the music in this world
Was God’s gift from above
To every boy and girl
That they would clap and sing
Find joy in everything
The world a happier place
A smile on every face

I’ve always had a dream
A song inside my head
It’s wild and unashamed
It’s yearning to be played
When music is on my mind
That’s when I feel alive
I’ll play their favourite song
On the stage where I belong

But I hear another voice
The one I can’t ignore
That family comes first
And deep inside I know
He wants me to stay
For his remaining days
No matter what I want
I’m still my father’s only son

But still I dare to dream
And it’s so very clear
How can I chase this dream
I wish my dad could hear
This song that’s in my head
It calls me but I’m afraid
To leave my home behind
And see what life will find