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Mt Carmel’s Original Musicals

In 1976, David Wong, the first pastor of Mt Carmel, and his brother, Tony, started writing Christian songs together. The result was Mt Carmel’s first original musical, Elijah, staged in 1977 by the Youth Fellowship to mark the church’s 10th anniversary.

In 1980, it was restaged at the Victoria Theatre, with new talent drawn from the growing congregation.  It also launched the first trilogy of original Mt Carmel musicals. Give Me This Mountain followed in 1983, and Barnabas: The Son of Encouragement in 1989. Elijah was restaged in 1992 as part of Mt Carmel’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

The next trilogy of musicals centred on the inspiring lives of great men of God. John Sung – The Musical, staged in 1994, traced the ministry of one of Asia’s greatest evangelists. Three years later, in 1997, Journey To Peace charted the tumultuous life and conversion of St Augustine.  In 2003, Love Above All: The Story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, captured a message of love and forgiveness so powerfully, that many asked for it to be staged again.  For that reason, it was restaged in July 2007 to a much bigger audience.

Over the years, Mt Carmel has gained a reputation as a church with a tradition of staging original musicals. The Mt Carmel family has been blessed with members of diverse talents and a common love for music and drama.  From the painstaking composition of the music to the sheer hard work of building the props, each musical is marked by months of intensive work and sacrifice. It is an experience that is indelibly etched in the hearts of each cast and crew member. An experience that is uniquely Mt Carmel.

Enjoy the photo montage and full musical of Love Above All below: